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Seoulinspired was my first foray into blogging on a self-managed website. After moving to South Korea to study international relations at Korea University, I wanted to share my experiences with my friends and family. Over time, Seoulinspired grew to more than a personal journal, and it now receives more than 100,000 unique views per month consistently.

While living in South Korea, air pollution is an issue that I quickly became aware of. Over time, I realised that there wasn’t much information that was easily accessible regarding the issue. After starting Breathe Safe Air in late 2019, I’ve quickly become fascinated in the field and the website now covers everything from the dangers and causes of air pollution to masks and their capabilities.

The internet is the best tool for advertising that there is. However, many companies still struggle to utilise the benefits that the platform brings. My partner and I identified many law firms struggling to reach their full potential and decided to help. We now manage SEO and digital marketing efforts for a range of law firms around the world.

My Skills

Writing & Copywriting

With years of writing experience, I am a versatile writer capable of covering many different niches and writing styles. My main writing currently is for travel blogs and copywriting.


SEO is one of my biggest passions. I have helped many businesses achieve #1 results and I also manage SEO for my own websites and blogs.


As a professional photographer before becoming a full-time blogger, photography is still a field of interest for me. While I have stepped back from paid shooting, I now focus on photos for my blog.


I have been creating and managing WordPress websites since 2012. I have seen the platform change over the years and have knowledge of all aspects of the platform.

Speed Optimisation

I believe that the internet should be FAST. As such, I have spent hundreds of hours optimising websites to make them as fast as they can be. Why not speed test this website?

Digital Marketing

With over 5 years of digital marketing experience, I know the ins and outs of many popular digital marketing platforms including search engine marketing, social media marketing and more.


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SEO & Optimisations

Page speed is one of the most important aspects when it comes to SEO and user experience on the internet. Unfortunately, many websites these days are cluttered and slow. Creating a fast website that retains a good user experience is very difficult but essential as more emphasis is placed on page speed. I always do my best to strike a balance between speed and usability on the websites that I create.

Writing & Copywriting

Technical Writing/Research

PFE, BFE and VFE tests are designed to test a filter media and/or mask’s filtration efficacy against three common particle types – particle (NaCl or latex beads), bacterial and viral. However, these three terms have caused a lot of confusion. There is a multiplicity of standards when it comes to masks and filters. and PFE, BFE and VFE are NOT standards. Instead, they are types of tests that must be carried out following a standard. The standard that a PFE test follows defines the testing conditions and methodology.

Travel Writing

Seoul has some very famous neighbourhoods that nearly everyone knows about. Gangnam, Myeongdong, Hongdae, Itaewon… It’s easy to go on. However, since these areas get the vast majority of the attention, there are also many neighbourhoods in Seoul that have missed the limelight. While these famous areas are deserving of your attention, there are also many other less-popular areas in the city that offer unique attractions.

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