Hey there, I’m Ethan.

As you’ve likely already guessed, I am the individual behind this website. I decided to create it as a portfolio of my current and previous work. As you may have noticed, I work in a range of different industries, and I wanted a place to contain all of my work – that place is the website you are currently reading this on.

I’m originally from New Zealand, but when I was 18, I decided that life in New Zealand was not very exciting for me. However, I yearned to learn about new cultures and people, so I decided to study in another country. After many weeks of research, I decided that South Korea was calling for me. 

I studied International Studies at Korea University, a university located in northern Seoul. In 2021 I graduated, and to date, I’ve lived in South Korea for six years. I still love the country, and I hope to continue adding more years. 

While in Korea, I somewhat accidentally found my passions. Firstly, I discovered that I love taking photos – there’s something about holding a camera in my hands that appealed to me. So I began to share these photos online, which led to my second love – writing. 

Despite being worth a thousand words, I found that I wanted to explain the stories behind the photos. That led to the creation of my first blog, Seoulinspired. Although it was tough at the start, I discovered the world of writing, SEO and digital marketing through this website.

I still manage and contribute to Seoulinspired today. However, since then, I have segued into another website, BreatheSafeAir. When I first visited South Korea, I was astounded by the levels of air pollution. After worrying about the impacts this could have on my health, I dedicated hours of my time to understanding air pollution’s dangers.

After learning about how harmful air pollution is, I was amazed by the lack of coverage on the subject. That led me to create BreatheSafeAir, a website dedicated to spreading awareness about the dangers of air pollution and discussing how we can protect ourselves.

Over the previous six years, I have also managed many other projects. For example, I co-founded a successful e-commerce store with a friend. Although we have since sold the website, I learned a lot about the world of product SEO and digital marketing.

In the past couple of years, I co-founded Valeo Legal Marketing. Valeo Legal Marketing is a digital marketing agency focused exclusively on lawyers. At Valeo Legal Marketing, I manage SEO, and we’ve since worked with some of the biggest names in law.

I currently freelance and live as a digital nomad. If you have questions or want to hire me for a project, please reach out via my contact form. Even if you don’t have a business query, please don’t hesitate to reach out – I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting my website!